CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

active fxActiveFX CO2 Laser technology is the gold standard in laser resurfacing. It can dramatically improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, sun spots, and other damage on the skin. While removing sun damage it stimulates the formation of new and healthy skin and new collagen. This provides greater elasticity and support which results in the appearance of more youthful, firmer, tighter skin. Your skin will not only look healthier, it will be healthier. Significant results are visible with just one treatment. Compared to older CO2 lasers, ActiveFX has much less downtime and aftercare.

deep fxDeepFX CO2 Laser technology is another option for patients with significantly damaged skin. It penetrates to the lower part of the collagen layer to repair deep lines and wrinkles, acne scars and scars from surgery or trauma. Effective as a standalone treatment, DeepFX can also work in combination with ActiveFX (referred to as TotalFX) to achieve optimal results.

The Active and Deep FX procedures utilize fractional laser technology, whereby only a fraction of your skin is affected, leaving tiny gaps or “bridges” of untouched skin.  As a result of this innovative technique, healing is much faster, allowing you to quickly return to regular life activities.

To determine which approach is suitable for your skin, schedule a complimentary consultation to pinpoint your specific needs. Whether you opt for ActiveFX, DeepFX or TotalFX, each procedure is performed in the comfort of our laser suite with both oral sedation and topical anesthetics. The option to do the procedure under general anesthesia is also available for an added fee. The procedure typically takes 60 – 180 minutes and once complete, patients will experience a sensation similar to a sunburn. At a pre-operative appointment our staff will spend extensive time with you to explain how to take care of the skin during the recovery process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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“FX” is the collective name for the different treatments using the UltraPulse FX laser from Lumenis.  The UltraPulse FX is utilized for a variety of treatments. They are classified using names that really are just an indicator of the settings used to achieve the desired results.
The fractional procedures performed using the UltraPulse FX ablate discrete columns of tissue, deposit heat and promote regeneration throughout the underlying layers of the skin.  The ActiveFX, DeepFX, and TotalFX fractional laser treatments are single-pass procedures that ensure even coverage and eliminate the possibility of overlap.


Patient’s typically have one week of social downtime after the CO2 laser skin resurfacing procedure.  During this time the treated areas turn brown and begin to peel.  Moisture in the form of Vaseline or Aquaphor must be applied to the treated areas until the brown skin has completely peeled.  The skin can remain pink for anywhere from two weeks up to one month and in some cases even longer.  Friends and family may think you have a mild sunburn several weeks after the procedure.


Mild redness or erythema of the treated area is normal for about 4- 8 weeks following the procedure. This can be effectively concealed by makeup once the skin has healed, typically after 7 – 10 days. In some cases, redness may be prolonged for several months or be more pronounced than normal.  Patients may experience changes in skin pigmentation which include hyperpigmentation (increased pigmentation) and hypopigmentation (decreased pigmentation).  Hyperpigmentation is an irritating complication, but will eventually clear up in most all affected patients. It rarely occurs in people with fair skin and in patients who avoid sun exposure for several weeks after their resurfacing procedure.  Hypopigmentation is a rare complication that may occur as late as six months after the procedure.  These and other rare but possible complication’s will be discussed at your pre-operative appointment and detailed in your consent form.


What Our Patients Say
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  • …Mesos Florida office staff were the best. Everyone was friendly, and Courteous. They made me feel at ease right away. He is a very caring Doctor who spent as much time with me as I needed. He answered all of my questions and concerns. I was very pleased with the results of my surgeries. Robin my nurse and Kerry were both exceptional. I could not be more happy with a Doctor and his crew.

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    Anonymous/Lady Lake, FL
  • HAPPY IN THE VILLAGES – The ultimate professional in every way… Very thorough, caring and considerate. I never felt rushed or hurried. No question was too small or insignificant. He takes the time to explain every single detail. Safety is definitely a priority in his office. He is the kindest, most concerned doctor I’ve ever had.

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    Anonymous/Lake Mary, FL
  • “I recently went to Mesos to have a laser peel done.  The staff did a wonderful job at explaining what was going to happen before , during and after the procedure.  This was an important component as I work full time.   I especially appreciated that they are very honest and realistic about results you can achieve from their services.  I felt that they under promised and over delivered!  I wanted to write this so that if someone out there needs reassurance like I did, that you will be very happy the day you see your ” before” and “after” pictures.”

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    Stephanie L/Central FL
  • MY FACE TREATMENT -The very best top of their game, could not have a better person doing the work.

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    Marsha M./The Villages, FL
  • I have been to other plastic surgeons here in The Villages and I have to say that Mesos has the most personable and friendly staff of any of the others I’ve visited. I got the “”liquid facelift”” and just have to say that Larry is an absolute artist. The staff is very knowledgeable, made me feel very comfortable and I completely trust them. I HIGHLY recommend Mesos!

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    P. Moore/The Villages, FL
  • EXCELLENT FACILITY… very clean and modern inside,  staff is responsive and knowledgable, the procedures I have had done I am highly satisfied with I highly recommend this office to others for cosmetic procedures.

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    Jamie/Central FL
  • HIGHLY SATISFIED – I would highly recommend Mesos. Not only did I have a procedure done that I am satisfied with, my family flew from Puerto Rico to also second that recommendation!!

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    Colleen/Lake Mary, FL
    …I had my 1st consultation and Dr. Belvins and staff was so understanding about my needs and concerns. Everyone was so nice and friendly. My plan is derma fillers and botox at this time in my life. Looking forward to a new me which starts with Mesos.”

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    Eileen H./Central FL
  • Amazing!! – I can’t say enough good things about my experience at Mesos. From the second you walk in, everyone is super friendly and make you feel comfortable. I came here for derma fillers and will never go anywhere else. My face looks great and its all thanks to Larry!. He is such a doll and does such a good job!. He really knows what he is doing and will make you look amazing.

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    Amanda Hope/Central FL
  • “…very truthful and informative. He let me know what to expect so there were no surprises. He explained to me the worst case scenarios (including possible remedies) and he explained best case scenarios. My results thus far have exceeded what I had imagined. He was personable, professional and his staff really put me at ease. Follow-up appointments were relaxed and he gave me a chance to talk and ask questions. I also felt that he and his nurses listened to me and addressed anything I did not understand. I would highly recommend him.”

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    Colleen/Lake Mary, FL